Heavy Discounts with Any Kamado Joe Model at BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u the only reliable barbecue retailer in the UK is all prepared to feature their loyal customers with fresh barbecue grills, ovens and accessories this winter. With winter stepping in they have arranged huge piles of grills for their customers. They deal in the best brands like Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. Their most liked Kamado Joe is always in demand, which makes them keep it in stock always.

About Kamado Joe 

A kamado grill is an insulated oval egg-shaped grill with a hinged cover that creates a lot of space on top of and below the grates for flow. Kamado grills claim to have been around for thousands of years. Some are now made of steel or cast iron, but the most basic kamado grills are still made of ceramic.

The Kamado Joe is a traditional Asian barbecue with thick walls that gives meats, fish, and vegetables a grilled, smoky flavour. The grill’s ceramic body allows air to circulate through it and out the ventilated dome while lump charcoal gives off smoke and heat. With unparalleled craftsmanship, modern accessories, and a variety of versatile preparation surfaces, Kamado Joe is pleased to continue on its history and modernize the grill’s traditional style. Due to its expertise, ease of use, and maintenance requirements, it is becoming more and more popular among traditional barbecue fans.

You can grill, smoke, roast, and cook all your meals on Kamado Joe BBQs, either simultaneously or one at a time. The thick ceramic structure, which effectively maintains warmth for up to twelve hours also keeps accurate temperature control. The fact that there is very little charcoal needed for grilling is another benefit of this grill. Kamado Joe is used for both direct and indirect preparation.

Kamado-style grills replicate wood cooking ovens because they were developed in Asian cooking history. The appearance allows for good flow, evenly dispersing taste & heat. Kamado grills vary in size and when purchasing BBQs 2u customers get bundle discounts of at least 10% to 20%.

  • The Kamado Classic I and II are available at a 10% discount.
  • The Kamado Classic III is available at a 20% discount.
  • The Kamado Joe Big Joe III is available at a 10% discount.
  • The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is available at a 20% discount.

Upon purchase of each Kamado Joe BBQs model, customers are also getting gifts from BBQs 2u. these gifts may include –

  • Official cover
  • Cast iron griddle
  • Wood chunks
  • Voucher for wine worth £75
  • Flamers Natural Firelighters
  • Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal

Their gift offers are liked by many customers because it contains the essentials which are needed for a barbecue. The quality is at par making it always out of stock. However, BBQs 2u ensures that they are full of stock, and in any case the gifts are unavailable, they add them manually into the bag.

The word of mouth is enough to know how trustworthy BBQs 2u is, and their customers leave no chance in praising their efforts and the products delivered. Check their official Facebook account to read reviews from their customers for the brands they buy from BBQs 2u and of course for the efficient service provided by the retailer.

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